How Can We Help?

At Siever, Fonstad & Erdman, we offer a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, and consulting services. We’d love to sit down with you to learn more about your needs and find ways that we can help you.

Financial Statement Preparation


We can assist you in preparing your financial statements and provide you with meaningful insights into your financial data. We can also assist you with your significant business decisions and planning. We have the business background and experience to assist you in planning for the future of your business. In addition to annual financial statement preparation we can also prepare monthly or quarterly financial statements tailored to your needs.

Corporate Tax Consulting and Preparation


Everything you do in business has tax consequences. Planning for the future is the key to minimizing these taxes. We can work with you to plan for your business’ future in order to minimize the effect of taxes on your business and you personally.

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services


We can provide you with timely bookkeeping and accurate payroll services freeing up your time so that you can concentrate on your business, which enables you to maximize your returns from your business.

Preparation of GST and PST returns


We can provide you with timely filing of your periodic GST and PST returns, thus avoiding costly penalties for late filings.

Farm Tax Consulting and Preparation


We grew up in the heart of an agricultural community, and understand the industry. We will work with you to implement a plan to minimize taxes, protect your assets and balance the needs of your family members. This may result in your farm business being run in a partnership, a corporation or as a sole proprietor. We will assist you in planning for the transfer of your farm to the next generation, or for the tax effective disposal of your farming operation.

Business and Farm Incorporation


We will guide you in planning and executing the tax efficient rollover of your assets to a corporation. This will enable you to pay for business assets in a tax effective manner, as a result of the reduced tax burden. This will produce increased cash available for you. By incorporating your business, you can split income with your spouse and family members over 18 years of age. You will also protect your personal assets from any liability claims.

Mineral Rights


We are experts in the handling of Mineral Rights. We can advise you on a plan to transfer the Mineral Rights to the next generation and defer the payment of any Income taxes associated with the transfer of this asset.

Financial Projections and Forecasts


We can work with you in developing future oriented, financial information or forecasts for your business. This can be critical in developing new business plans, or securing new or alternative financing, which can be critical to the start or the future of your business.

Personal Tax Consulting and Preparation


We will provide you with professional and accurate tax preparation and filing. In addition we are always reviewing your personal taxes, with an eye on reducing and minimizing you and your family’s tax burden. We are available to help you plan for your future goals.

Estate Planning


We will work with you to determine an estate plan based on your wishes, which will minimize the taxes to your estate and increase the benefit to your beneficiaries.

Intergenerational Transfer of Assets


We can assist you in preparing a plan for the transfer of your business and assets to your children, with a minimum of tax consequences.